In April/May of 1933 advertisements were placed in the National newspapers by Kevin G Walsh of Harrolds Cross & RH Boyce of Dalkey with a view to forming a .22 Target Rifle Club.

As a result several unofficial meetings were held which lead to a formal meeting at 141 Harolds Cross Rd on 15th December 1933 at 8:30pm,the first official meeting of the City Of Dublin Rifle Club. Committee members & officers were nominated, Mr A. Duffy proposed naming the club The Dublin Miniature Rifle Club,which was passed. Next step was to locate a suitable range in the Dublin region. Options were Clondalkin Henchshaws old range,Sutton sand pits & Ticknock.

All this took 18 months of searching by people dedicated to the sport & fianlly a range was found in St. Josep's Clondalkin May 1934 & hence the Dublin City Miniature Rifle Club was born.

The first team to visit were from Scotland,following on the club held many shoots,summer leagues and winter leagues. In 1938/1939 war was looming in Europe & due to circumstances the range at Clondalkin ceased due to lack of ammunition. Despite the the club held monthly meetings in the Capitol Theathre Cafe (now part of Arnotts Dept store) in order to keep the club alive during the war years.


In 1945 when the war ended & things were returning to normal the task again was to locate a range,again in Clondalkin,this time at the Paper Mills. By the 1950's the economy was starting to flourish and the paper mills was no longer available,however at that time Kevin G Walsh purchased some 20 acres of land at Firhouse Rd,Templeogue. On completion of a new house he allocated a section of the land for a 20 firing point range & The Dublin Rifle Club as it was now called continued for many years...